Lesley WeinbergerI cannot remember the first time I picked up a paint brush, as I have been painting and/or drawing my whole life. However, the collection of paintings displayed here date back to 1991. Often I work on about 3-5 pieces at a time, bouncing back and forth between each idea depending upon which composition suits me that day. I collect images from various places such as books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, xeroxes, the internet, etc. and reassemble them outside of their original contexts into new combinations;  like little pieces in an imaginary puzzle.

When I learned how to use Photoshop in 1993, digital imagery undoubtedly became utilized in my work as well.

Photoshop really resonated with me as a whole new channel for constructing unique compositions from found imagery. I was compelled to transfer to canvas the vibrant, dynamic colors that only RGB could give. I became somehwat of a ‘human photoshop’  either by outputting my digital sketches in color and emulating them on a canvas, or by physically adhering black and white laser printouts onto the canvas itself and layering paint over those.

Using technology not only for producing commercial art, but for assimilating formal, descriptive elements in fine art as well.

Lesley Weinberger