Colourlovers: YO on VB

YO on VB sketchesCL-YO-on-VB_600These are some sketches and/or compositional layouts I drew in my notebook at school while waiting for clients.

I have been thinking about producing a new Colourlovers series painting based on the Aveda Pure Tones hair color chart and the natural remaining pigment hair has when its natural color is being lifted with lightener.

Lately I’ve been so busy with projects for school that it seems like forever since I have had the time to give any attention to painting anything but peoples’ hair.

This canvas will have to wait…

(A quick sketch in Photoshop)

Work In Progress: Repetition

They Repeat Themselves-1Here is my latest work in progress. I found a perfectly in-tact piece of formica shelving outside of my studio the other day, cleaned it up and started a mixed media / collage piece; continuing my Discommunication theme. Will post the final work when it has been completed.

They Repeat Themselves-2   They Repeat Themselves-3

The definition of insanity is texting the same messages over and over, expecting a different relationship.


DiscommunicationThis latest work is a tryptic created primarily with acrylic paint, oil pastels, colored pencils, ink jet printouts on cardboard panels that are adhered onto three separate canvases.

I was thinking about how our communication has become rather non-commital and impersonal through text messaging. We can’t hear the tone, sarcasm or dry irony through pop up messages on our phones – and that’s ultimately where the ‘disconnected communication’ comes in. Our ability to have a face-to-face conversation has eroded over recent years.

However, this means a conversation we could control. We get to say exactly what we want, when we want to say it. Texting consumes no more time than we want it to, and to a much greater degree than is possible with a phone call. We can carefully edit what we say even before we say it.

We even get to decide if it gets said at all…